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Decisions!  Decisions!

Think For Yourself
~~Use Psychic Numbers~~


         Would you like to tap into your psychic awareness and
jump start how you think?
     By following the simple directons in my ebook,  
  Decisions! Decisions!



You can do just that!

You can use the logical side of your brain as well as the
intuitive side to make important decisions. I'll bet that at
sometime in the last week, you have asked yourself,
" What in the world do I do now?"
And then comes the time for you to think and think and think!
You need to find just the right answer to your question and to make
peace with that decision and get on with it. Right?
My unique and unmatched ebook,

"Psychonumerology™ makes problem solving and decision
making interesting and simple. It was fun using the system,
easy to understand and more importantly—accurate
." C.M.

Decisions! Decisions!

gives you a sure fire method to use your intellect and your intuitive
to make decisions true to yourself.
My "How To" ebook tells you how to make a plan.
How to listen and trust your inner voice; the one you may have
forgotten to listen to; the one that gives you your truth.
People are always telling you this or that.
They seem to think they know more than you do. Think for yourself!
What a concept!
No help from outsiders! Wouldn't that feel great?
Do you know how many people don't have a routine for
making decisions?
They might listen to the advice of a television personality or
remember how their parents made decisions.
Perhaps they have a good friend who gives advice.
I ask you, are these recommendations right for you?
If not, check out your personal intuitive counsel,
get aligned with your divine self, use your psychic numbers and
dig into that deeper knowing part of you.
The time is right to unlock your powerful intuitive sense that says,
" Yes, I can "!

"Your Psychonumerology™ book gave me an amazingly
and insightful answer to my specific question. It reaffirmed
my own intuition and made me happy.
"       J.N.

Several years ago, I had a client who came to me and said,
“ I don’t know how to find my intuition. Where is it?
How can I possibly use numbers to locate it?”
When he said that, I was ready to jump in and
show him how he could find that intriguing part of
his consciousness.   He was a meditator.
A great place to start!   He sat quietly, relaxed and
with eyes closed, he started to feel a sense of peace.  
In about a minute, I suggested that he see, in his mind’s eye,
a blank chalk board. He was amazed that he could do that
and immediately noticed that he was seeing some numbers.
Aha! Success. His eyes flew open and he exclaimed,
“ Ye gads, this is easy!” I thought to myself, yes it is when
you have the right tools. He closed his eyes and continued
to see the numbers.    And it only got better. He was so
happy with the fact that he wasn’t analyzing, and thinking
everything to death.  He was simply sitting quietly and letting his
intuitive pop in and just be there.  Your intuition is always
on call.   You simply must have the right tools to get started;
then let it run free. When the numbers come in,
and everybody uses numbers on a minute-to-minute basis,
you can learn how to use them with my book, 

Decisions! Decisions!

My client called me several weeks later to tell me that
he used the numbers, their value system, and their
qualities to guide him with his plan for making an
intuitive and intellectual decision. He was awed that
he finally found his intuition and let it surface
where it could be recognized and function.
He was definitely on his way!


My teriffic ebook can help you make that
~~~feels great decision~~~






(If you have any trouble downloading my ebook,
send me an email at:


I'll send you a copy as an attachment or do something
to make sure you get it...

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