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Disclaimer: The following links are not meant as an endorsement of any
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Title:  Ebooks by a psychologist
Description:  I am a psychologist and have written some to-the-point ebooks on self-esteem, assertiveness, anxiety. children's behavior. why relationships fail, kids and divorce, child visitation, anger management and teenagers.    Based on two decades of private practice, these ebooks go straight to the important issues and how to make changes.   Inexpensive, downloadable.

Description: Eucalan is the premier No Rinse Delicate Wash.  Known and trusted for 20 years, Eucalan is gentle enough for your luxury knits, finest lingerie, athletic and swim wear as well as delicate baby items.   This phosphate, bleach and petro chemical free formula is a better choice for your fibers and the environment.  For more information contact us at

Description:Venus has been a practicing medium and clarity counselor for thirty years. As part of her mediumship, Venus maintains a private phone-based practice as well as blog of her latest thoughts. She has a radio show and is an author, iridologist and a Master Herbalist. As Venus will tell you, she does it all.

Publications: The Four Powers of Self-Esteem, The Five Steps of Assertiveness, How To Diagnose and Treat Your Anxiety and How To Change Children’s Behavior (Quickly), Kids and Divorce, Child Visitation and The Formation of Self-Esteem, Anger Management, Types I and II and How To Change Teenager's Behavior..
Description:  I am a psychologist of twenty-four years and have written a series of ebooks about the most common ailments I see in the office everday.   These are hard-hitting, no fat, to the point, “how to” ebooks.   They get great reviews from clients and make a big difference, fast.   You follow my thinking, exactly as it goes in the office, only you get it quickly for next to nothing.

Description: Click the above link for an easy and free way to help care for those in need at The Animal Rescue Site.

Description: Here is information to help fund mammograms for those in need at The Breast Cancer Site.