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Siri Richar, Ph.D.


About the Author

A bit about my background.
I received my Ph.D.
from International Institute of Metapsychology, a
division of Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, London, England
My major fields of study and application are:
Psychonumerology (seeing numbers in the aura)
Metaphysical Counseling
Remote Viewing
Life Energy Healing
Dream Interpretation
Tibetan Numerology, Name Charts
Pet Numerology and Communication
Intuitive Development
Intuitive Decision Making Process
Absent Healing
Peer Counseling

"I didn’t know that the numbers I constantly see in my mind’s
eye were so informative. No one has explained numerology
as easily as you have done it.   Thanks
."             D.S.

(If you have any trouble downloading my ebook,
send me an email at:

I'll send you a copy as an attachment or do something
to make sure you get it...)

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Copyright 2008. Siri Richar, Ph.D.. All rights reserved.