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What’s that?

Psychonumerology is a coined phrase, which means
using numbers drawn from your subliminal self.
Pythagoras, the Father of Numerology, said that numbers
have always been there.
Why not use them to your advantage?

But First let's check out what the appearance of the numbers might suggest.

Do you know why numbers appear as they do? Don't let the word *NUMBERS* or *LESSON* scare you off from viewing this. It really won't put you to sleep. Read this first, then click onto the attachment! How numerals 0 - 9 got their shape--an interesting lesson! Do you know why numbers look like they do? Someone, at some point in time, had to create their shapes and meaning. Watch this short power point presentation and then you will know how our Arabic numbers were originally created a very long time ago and what logic the people that created them used to determine their shapes. It is really very simple and quite creative! You have to admire the intelligence of a person that created something so simple and perfect that it has lasted for thousands and thousands of years and will probably never change. When the presentation gets to the number "seven" you will notice that the 7 has a line through the middle of it. That was the way the Arabic 7 was originally written, and in Europe and certain other areas they still write the 7 that way. Also, in the military, they commonly write it that way. The nine has a kind of curly tail on it that has been reduced, for the most part nowadays, to a simple curve, but the logic involved still applies. A left mouse click will advance the slide show.


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(You might need Office Power Point Viewer to open this file. This can be downloaded for free. Click on:)

Power-Point Viewer--Free Download


We're frequently told that we have all of the answers within us.

If that is true, how do we find these hidden numbers?
We can use Psychonumerology to bring up to the surface the
answers we are seeking.
Each of us has the ability to dig deeply into our psyche and
find many pieces of information.
We simply need to have a plan and then act on that plan.
Becoming number friendly is as easy as 1,2.3.
Intuition is a perceptive and powerful quality that can
open your awareness window. 

Are you now wondering just how numbers can help you
make an appropriate decision and feel great about it?

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Let me share a story

One of my students called me and said she had a difficult
family decision to make and she hadn't the faintest
idea where to begin.
The first thing I said to her was,
"Quickly, what number comes into your mind as we speak?"
She answered,
"The number four (4)."  With that bit of information,
I explained to her that the number four ( 4 ) had the energy of
 law and order.
Being grounded and stable were the two most important factors
involved with her decision making process. 
Was she out in la la land or was she being logical and
practical in her thinking? 
She admitted that she was doing a lot of wishful thinking.
We then talked about organization and structure.
Having a well thought out plan was the one thing she didn't have and
needed badly.
She needed to work on a plan that was real,
faithful to her cause,
credible and above all else, true to her belief system.
I then asked her if there was another number that she 
was thinking about and she said,
"Yes, the number seven (7)."
Again, I shared with her that the energy of the seven (7) was
that of introspection and faith.
It meant she was to research and document her insights about the
challenge she faced, to let the spiritual aspect
of herself come forth. 
Now, she had two definite features she could work with to act
on her decision making process.
First, to get logical and not be out on la la la land and second
to work with her own faith and credibility.
These were the first two parts of her plan in making a decision
that she could live with and be beneficial to all involved.

"Siri has read my numbers for many years and she is always a delight. The last reading was spontaneous as we sat in a restaurant and she said. “ I see money numbers and golden light showering themselves over your head and shoulders; money just pouring down on you !” I had been thinking of teaching a class about how to make money and I have been getting a great response from people about the idea. The fun part is, I don’t know where the money will be coming from or when, but I am already looking into buying a new Jaguar!" V.A.

In my book,

Decisions! Decisions!

there are six steps in making a decision.
The easy to follow directions have examples with each step.
You will be amazed and surprised at how comfortable it is
to work with my Intuitive Decision Making Process.
The process will assist you in being aligned mentally,
physically and spiritually.
In other words, you won't be agitated by your thoughts.
Your thoughts will be in sync with your Higher Self.
Your overall being will be in total agreement because
of the blending of the intellect and the intuitive.
What could be better?

“Decisions! Decisions! Numbers Guide You Toward Your Intuition” is exactly that! As soon as I opened the book, I went straight to the “Intuitive Decision Making Process.” Following the guidelines, I wrote down a question that was on my mind and after I finished with the numbers and read the corresponding text, my intuition kicked in and figured out the right answer for me. It’s simple, quick, and easy—and you can get started right away!" J.E.

For more information about Psychonumerology and
how you are going to use your psychic numbers,
read on.


Decisions! Decisions!

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Copyright 2008. Siri Richar, Ph.D.. All rights reserved.